New books

“Exploratory thoughts”

I am starting to see the line again.  I see it clear and in front of me.  The line that my train of thoughts travel on.  Yes, that is a deep statement.  Deal with it, LOL.  However, I am feeling better about my path.  I am seeing how the constant challenges I face are actually the journey I wish to take.

There are some good books, too.  One of them is called “Atlas Shrugged,” by Ann Rand.  Even though I am only about four or five chapters in, I can tell this is a book that I will enjoy.  There are many different kinds of themes in them, but one of the greatest seems to be the general apathy people seem to feel towards life.  I have  shared this apathy at times.  In this civilization, everybody seems to have imploded.  Hope and progress are defeated.

There is also another book on shutting out negative voices.  The voices which, even though they seem like negative people in your life, are in actuality only reflections of one, cruel voice saying, “No you can’t.”  I am learning how to silence this voice and how to bolster the many positive ones.

Also, there is a book by Ray Bradbury.  I believe called the “Martian Chronicles.”  Finally, the final book I take greater interest in is a book on Spirituality.  I forget the title, but it has to do with objects, and their significance in daily rituals.  It facinates me to see how unique a simple object has become and even more interesting how these rituals have held up into modern times.

Other than that, life has been good.  Swimming has occupied many of my daily rituals, along with being thankful and taking better control over my life.



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