The evening time

Centering thoughts

It is the evening time and I find myself once again alone with my thoughts.  A lonely night to be sure, but at the very least leading to a clarity of thought I do not usually posess.  I hear a long way in the distance, a plane droning on, cars going to and fro, and a television in the next room.  I feel somewhat detached, but still close enough to myself to be able to feel timelessness.

My room seems both large and small at the same time.  It is inhibiting in its creativity, although the blue walls due add a touch of serenity.  The water in my cup is flat tasting, but still refreshing.  My bones are light, due to the temperature and the lack of percipitation, maybe.  All in all, I am whole but still missing.  I need the congrueity of events to keep my mind flowing.

I am not alone.  I have my memories and thoughts for company.  In a social sense, maybe this is not so good, but in truth, this state will soon come to an end.  New events and experiences will destroy this temporal being that I am.  I am changed from the second I get up to the second I put my head on my pillow.

All I can say is, what passes for boredom might actually be reflection in its purest form.



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