Being still

“In times of trouble”

There is something to be said for being still and untroubled.  Some may call it boring and that is fine.  But also, there is strength in being able to see past the quick decisions and continue making the straight and longer decisions.  Rarely do I ever know what the right decision is, but it is starting to come to me from whatever place those things arrive.

I realize that I am not perfect and nobody has perfect thoughts or ideals.  Even the most enlightened monk in the world has to ask himself every once in awhile, “Is this really real?”  And I think the answer to THAT question is yes.  It is real.  Everything in life is real, the complex and the simple.  I like simpler things because they don’t exist because somebody wanted them to, they simply exist for their own purpose.  You can get a cheeseburger any time down the road, but when you take a moment to listen to a symphony, or look at a nice painting, or even just write some words down like I am doing, you create art for the sake of the painting, and not because you wished people to admire the work.  That is off point and I realize I am rambling slightly, but there it is.



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