Forget the schedule

“Impulse but controlled”

There is another good way I find to have fun now.  It is a combination of impulsive, but controlled actions.  I find schedules very tedious now and honestly they don’t teach me anything.  But good impulses, such as walking (I did so today) really make a difference in terms of mental and physical stimulation.

Of course, this is all just high phaluting talk for: that was really quite fun.  And it was.  Fun for me is best when I can relax, but also challenge myself in some way.  Sometimes it’s a physical activity, most of the time it is some puzzle or game I try to figure out.  Sometimes, I make games for myself.  I hide the keys on myself quite frequently.  Most of the time, it is just an attempt for me to remember next time.

I have to always be trying to find new ways to be alive.  There are so many out in the world that I feel some people forget which ones work.  I think the real answer is they all work.  Nobody can be alive but you, and only you can relate your experiences to others.  Fun is a vague word and can have many definitions.  But if you are having fun, then the fun people are having in relation to you is taken in perspective.

Today was a good day.



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