Another book

“Next project”

I have finally finished the edits on my “novel” and I am very pleased!  There is something to be said for having finished one thing, but another thing looms on the horizon.  I can’t say what it is yet; maybe a new adventure type of writing, as I have yet to grab this kind of area yet.  Hopefully, it will be something to get me out of my own shell, as I have stayed there for far too long already.

I like writing about my events in a day, but I must be realistic about them: they are not terribly exciting.  Of course, this is my own choice, as I control my life as it unfolds, but still: For all of the subjects I could write about, myself is often the hardest.  When I do probe, it comes out as a kind of metaphysical dance with dread.  I know I can did deeper and find better gems, but to do that, a memory needs to be unearthed that holds significant wonder and is good enough for me to go into.

The books I am reading now are at least giving me good clues.  They are sci-fi oreinted, and this is like a cousin to fantasy.  Fantasy being escapist; sci-fi being a look into a fantastical future.  I feel like what I need most right now is a muse.  Not neccecarily a person, but just something to focus my artistic and imaginitive ablities on, if for no other reason than to excersize these thoughts.



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