Where I go next

“The next step”

The next step I think of is of trying something new.  I do not know where that is, but I am not afraid for the first time in my life.  This life is made up of my choices and nobody can make those but me.

I feel separate sometimes from people.  I can not see why, but sometimes I need to.  Something in me is too much to let out sometimes.  I can try to explain this to people, but sometimes words are not enough.  You need people who have been through the same stuff you have.  Even family are sometimes not enough.

If hell was where I started, I can now honestly say I am walking out of purgatory.  I don’t think the next place is heaven; I honestly don’t know if I believe in heaven anymore.  But I can say that the past happened and the past is gone.  I can’t hold on to a horse that has already left the pasture.  Where do I go next?  Bring on that horizon.



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