A good memory

Something I hold

There is something I hold onto now and take with me to parts unknown.  It is a talisman in my mind, something that wards off the evil spirits that sometimes try to make their way into my life.  Somebody very special gave it to me and if I ever him (or her!)again, I would thank them.

It is almost childhood.  A nostalgic piece of history and unique as the rocks and seashells I use to collect as a child.  It is a teddy bear, long worn with love and adoration.  Some bits of the ear stuffing is leaking out the head and parts of it are soiled, but the bear is whole.  The eyes are glassy but the bear is soft and hugable.

I meditate on this image and I am filled with hope and a calm that fills my body.  It gives me the sense, momentarily, that I am elsewhere.  It is a good feeling that creates positivity and makes me think of what I can do.  I create these images because with them, I can better access my feelings.

There are things in life we can never return to.  Childhood, regretably, is one of these.  However, we can journey back to these waters and find bits of wreckage from a ship.  These are precious salvages that can either make or break our lives.  My salvage has been the fact of knowing how many people have cared and currently do care about me.

I will sum up by saying, find your one thing to salvage in life.  There is something out there for you to pull out of the deep and chances are it will not be alien.  It will be familar and soothing and you can use it to take you to calmer waters.

PS. Thank you kind stranger.  You know who you are.


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