St. Patrick’s Day


I’ll admit, I know nothing about this day.  The only thing I know is you are supposed to wear  green and get very drunk.  That seems like a very silly thing to have a day celebrated for, but there is a lot of positivity on this day so maybe that is good, too.  It seems like the name itself should be a dead giveaway: St. Patrick.  We are celebrating a Saint, so does this automatically become a Catholic celebration?  Or does it belong to the immigrants that brought the Saint to our country, so to speak?

Whatever the reason, it is certainly one of the better known holidays in America, probably right up there with the Fourth of July.  I am starting to lose some interest in celebrating holidays, not because they aren’t fun.  I love wearing green more than anyone and can hardly pass up the opportunity for a good beer.  What I don’t like is the idea that one day should be celebrated more than any other, because for me, everyday is like a holiday.

Everyday is something that can be celebrated.  Learning, having fun, trying something new, even just getting outside your house.  That life is a holiday is somewhat of a novel concept, but I am learning that novelty not only sells, it bears fruit.  Even if today is not your holiday, learn to be appreciative of the togetherness that one day can bring.  Maybe one day we can get rid of holidays all together and just pick one emotion to have for the day.  Thankfulness can never be cancelled.